If you are searching the internet for the law of attraction tips and tricks then you came to the right place.

This Using the Law of Attraction website gifts you some insight into what things you can do to bring you more happiness and love into your life.

When I first started with manifestation in the early 2000s I have wanted to create this soulful space to inspire like-minded individuals. 

As an energetic practitioner, I have been studying the powerful effects of the Law of Attraction, aligning our mindset, vibration and intention to manifest the most positive experiences.

We all have things in our lives that we would like to change and improve upon. We all have things that we are grateful for and want to accomplish in our lives. What you may not know is that there is an invisible force working with you through the choices and actions of the people around you that have an impact on you and your future.

If you look through these pages written about the law of attraction, including tips and tricks, it guides you on how you can use these proven techniques to create more of the things that you are grateful for and to also release negativity and bad energy in your life. I happily share that things like love, relationships, health, career, and finances all come from one underlying source. This source is pure energy and like the air you breathe, it is always changing and advancing.

You have the power within you to capture and contain this amazing energy and move it forward in the best light possible. The only way you can do this is to pay attention to your vibrations and remind yourself of what you are most grateful for, every single day. Be aware of this amazing gift we call the Law of Attraction.

Ask this question to yourself every single day: "What is this thing that I am grateful for?"

Remember to speak only kindness with yourself and others. Try not to get caught up in what you are saying to this thing as it is transient.

Once you start focusing on raising your vibration, you will notice that this focus will turn into an emotion of pure love. This emotion can also resemble something like joy, peace, acceptance, or even patience. 

As you can see, the Law of Attraction can help you change the way you look at everything in your life from a place of gratitude and love. If you are ready to use this law in your life, start today by taking action. There is no tomorrow, only today, so live today.